Garden Clearance Service / Garden Tidy

Have you lost control of your garden? Everywhere you look weeds are spreading - in your lawn, in your borders. The grass is too long, growing over your paths and into shrubs. The hedges and shrubs are too big and desperately need a trim.

If you've been putting off tidying the garden and now it's a massive job, just get in touch with us. We'll get your garden back in order, with our one-off garden clearance.

We have a number of petrol driven tools, which will make quick work of most overgrown gardens. Lawn mowers, Stihl strimmers and Stihl trimmers - all ready to crop your garden back into shape. To see how we can help, here are some common garden clearance tasks:

  • Cut long, overgrown, grass using a strimmer
  • Rake up the cut grass
  • Tidy the strimmed grass with a lawn-mower
  • Remove weeds from lawn and borders
  • Recut lawn edges if they looks scruffy
  • Prune any overgrown bushes, and remove any dead, damaged, diseased or dying stems
  • Trim overgrown hedges
  • Turn soil in plant beds and borders
  • Clean greenhouse
  • Remove green waste
  • ... For anything else, please ask!
Garden Clearance - Greenhouse
Garden Clearance - Greenhouse