Garden Maintenance Service

There are no short cuts - weeding, digging, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, pruning, planting ... keeping your garden healthy and tidy is time consuming and hard work.

If you want to enjoy your garden, but don't have the time (or simply don't like gardening), our garden maintenance service could be perfect for you. With regular weekly or fortnightly visits, our garden maintenance service will keep your garden in excellent shape. Get on with your life, while we take care of your garden.

There are a huge number of gardening tasks which should be carried out each year. To give you an idea of what to expect from our Garden Maintenance Service, we've listed a few common gardening tasks:

  • Prepare the lawn by raking, aerating, applying topdressing, and seeding any small bare patches
  • Recut lawn edges if they looks scruffy. Repair uneven patches of lawn
  • Mow the lawn frequently to reduce weeds and keep grass healthy
  • Trim hedges to keep them dense and compact
  • Weed and mulch flower beds and borders to keep them under control
  • Prune trees, shrubs and roses to remove dead, damaged or diseased wood
  • Deadhead roses, shrubs and bedding plants to encourage flowering
  • Check for pests and take appropriate action using organic techniques and products (where possible)
  • Feed lawn and plants with organic fertiliser only when needed, restoring lost energy and keeping them healthy
  • Water bedding plants and vegetables regularly. Use Green techniques to reduce the need for watering
  • Plant bulbs, roses, trees, shrubs and bedding plants at the appropriate time. Feed and mulch
  • Clean greenhouse to maximise light
  • Clear up fallen leaves (and compost them if possible)
  • Clean paths and patio, removing fallen plant debris and slippery patches
Garden Maintenance - Trimmer
Garden Maintenance - Lawn Mower